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Services and classes in a warm, family environment.
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A Shul for everyone...
From chasing Joggers down S. Vicente, to a Minyan three times a day, COB's Synagogue Journey has certainly been a colorful one.
Kaddish Service
For centuries, Jews recite the Kaddish Prayer to memorialize loved ones during Services, three times daily. At COB, with our daily Minyanim, you can join and recite Kaddish, (no previous experience needed) or arrange for the Rabbi to say it for you. For more information and to arrange for someone to say kaddish for a loved one, please click here
Upcoming events
Jul. 28, 2017
Jul. 31, 2017
BH Tisha Bav begins at Sundown! If, Chas Veshalom, Moshiach is not revealed by tonight, the fast begins at 7:55 PM. Mincha will begin at 7:45 PM, followed by Arvit and the reading of Eicha