The Brentwood Mikva - Mikvas Mei Menachem:         

A Unique Brentwood Oasis for Women


Imagine a place which provides a relaxing and serene environment, allowing you to align mind, body and heart in a perfect union of the mystical and the corporeal.

Imagine a place which is as luxurious as it is sacred.

Imagine a place where you will be able to pamper body and soul.

Imagine a place designed by and for women, with a painstaking focus on detail, where privacy, “squeaky clean”, immaculate, cleanliness and individual attention are paramount, and everything you could ever want is at your fingertips.

Imagine no more. This is the Brentwood Mikvah - Mikvas Mordechai Mei Menachem.

Join us on this spectacular journey into the purifying waters which our prophets have foretold are the clarion call heralding the revelation of Moshiach. On this web site you will find all the information necessary to prepare yourself, practically and spiritually, for participation in our Mikvah. Feel free to browse, read, sign on and/or contact us. We are here to make your experience a memorable one in every sense.