Meet our Mikvah Committee

Each person involved is dedicated to ensuring your Mikva experience be one which is inspiring, comfortable and enjoyable. Feel free to ask your hostess for additional help of to answer any questions you may have. Your feedback is important and welcome!


Rebbitzin Channa Hecht

Co- Founder of Chabad of Brentwood and Chairperson of the Mei Menachem Mikva, Mrs. Hecht is an experienced teacher and mentor to women all over the world.


Mrs. Yocheved Lezak

Yocheved has dedicated her life to bringing Yiddishkeit to her family, and community. As the Mikvah Coordinator, Yocheved has conducted much of the research for our Mikvah, making the experience the most complete in all ways.


Rebbitzin Zisi Cunin

Co-founder of Chabad of Pacific Palisades. Rebbitzin Zisi is dedicated to the education and growth of Jewish families and women in particular - her invaluable input and dedication to the Mikvah have been a tremendous asset.


Rebbitzin Chaya Zaetz

Director of Gan Chaya Pre School, co-founder of Chabad of Brentwood South -  Chaya Rochel , along with Chaya Mushka Grossbaum, has devoted herself to establishing a syllabus of learning to help enhance the Mikva experience.


Rebbetzin Shira Teleshevsky

Co-founder of Chabad on Montana, Shira is there reaching out to the children, the parents, and those around her with inspiration and education. Her dedication to this beautiful Mitzvah has brought her talents and wisdom to our Mikvah.


Rebbitzin Chaya Mushka Grossbaum

Co-founder of Chabad of Central Westwood and educator at Gan Chaya Early Childhood Center, Chaya  has worked tirelessly in researching the Mikva set-up and Halachic requirements.


Rebbitzin Mushka Telehevsky

New to our staff, Mushka Co-Director of Chabad Jewish Center Programming and Development,  will be working specifically with young couples and brides to prepare them for the special day and to provide guidance for “Gen X and Y” women with their unique needs.


Rabbi Shimon Raichik, Shlita

Our Mikva received its initial Hechsher from Rabbi Avraham Levitansky, OBM, of Simcha Monica. Final approval came from Rabbi Dovid Schochet, Shlita of Toronto, Canada. We are fortunate to have all current questions of Halacha and guidance come from Rabbi Shimon Raichik, Shlita, one of the most prominent and recognized Halachic authorities on the West Coast.