“ The new Mikvah in Brentwood was gorgeous. It was like going to a spa! I had prepared at home, but I checked everything again. The Mikvah attendant was very kind and helpful. I have never felt as happy, pure and loved as when I was in the Mikvah. Thank you for introducing me to this beautiful mitzvah.”

-A bride

“From my personal perspective, my whole perception of the Mikvah experience has changed. When I went to the new BrentwoodMikvah for the first time, it made the whole experience go from a monthly chore to a refreshing, spa-like experience. There were deep jacuzzi tubs, rooms with Jerusalem stone and mosaic tiling, lovely feminine touches such as candles, and most pleasantly, soothing music piped into each of the preparation rooms. The Mikvah hostess was very warm and thoughtful. It was a totally different experience from what I am used to—and I loved it!"
- A lifelong Mikvah user

" Descending the stairs at the newly opened Mikvah in the wealthy Brentwood suburb, I was met by the hostess welcoming me inside. Then it was on to a prep room fragrant with vanilla-scented candles, floored in beautiful tile, furnished in red cherry and featuring an eight-jet Jacuzzi - rather than the standard shower - for pre-immersion cleanliness. The Mikvah itself , with Jerusalem stone from Israel was pristine. My eyes widened. "It's spectacular," I gasped. "I feel like I'm at the Four Seasons."

-Sara C.