Chabad of Brentwood High Holiday Services 5780

Baruch Hashem, over the years, attendance has grown to where we have outgrown our venues for High Holiday Services. This year 5780-2019, we will be conducting three concurrent High Holiday Services for Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur to accommodate everyone.

1. Chabad of Brentwood High Holiday Services @ Chabad of Brentwood.

Our magnificant synagogue is open for services again this year, Boruch Hashem! Enjoy the High Holiday Services, led by Rabbi Hecht in this beautiful and serene setting. These services will allow you to focus on prayer and gain insight into the meanings of the prayers and rituals. Those living near and benefiting from our Chabad Center, are encouraged to participate in this exciting milestone, at the same time partnering with our important and vital community programming.

Seats: $180 per seat

Child Seats: $90.00 (ages 2-11 Children's service seats)*

Family Rate (four or more) at $135.00 per person. Child seats are for children attending the Holiday Children's Program. Children ages 7-11 may purchase seats in the main synagogue for $135

To reserve seats for the High Holidays, you can become a Partner by giving to Chabad throughout the year. At the same time, you can share with us your lifecycle events so that we can remind you of them during the year.

To join our partnership program, which includes High Holiday seats. please click here .

Please click here to reserve seats for High Holiday Services only.

* Schedule of Services:

Rosh Hashana:

Sunday, September 9: Evening Service ~  6:30pm 

Monday, September 10: Morning Service ~ 9:45am / Shofar ~ 11:30 am / Evening Service ~ 6:30pm             

Tuesday , September 11: Morning Service ~ 9:45am / Shofar ~ 11:30am  / Mincha Farbrengen ~ 6:00pm

Yom Kippur:

Tuesday, September 18: Kol Nidrei ~ 6:15pm

Wednesday, September 19: Morning Service ~ 9:45am / Yizkor 12:00 noon, Mincha & Neila ~ 5:00pm

2. Brentwood Science Magnet Auditorium ~ Chabad of Brentwood Open Community High Holiday Services.

At the corner of Gretna Green Way and Montana Ave., services will be open to the public, free of charge, as in all previous years. Service will be the traditional Chabad Service, with bi-lingual Prayer Books, and instructions in English. Reservations and/or contributions not necessary, but encouraged and appreciated.

Services are free to the public. Your donations make this possible. We suggest $54 per adult and $18 per child. Thank you. To make a reservation please click here

Schedule of Services:

Rosh Hashana: Monday, September 10 10:00am / Shofar at 11:30am  (2nd day Rosh Hashana, Tuesday, Sept. 11th 10am,  joint service at Chabad of Brentwood. Please join us)

Yom Kippur: Tuesday, September 18: Kol Nidrei ~ 6:30pm 
Wednesday, September 30:  Morning Service:  10:00am /  Yizkor 12:00 noon, Mincha & Neila ~ 5:00pm

3. Chabad of Brentwood Sefardic Services

Chabad of Brentwood offers Sefardic High Holiday Services, with the traditional Sefardic customs and prayers. Please contact rabbihecht@chabadbw.com for more details on location & reservations. 

4. Chabad of Brentwood South

Join our inspiring and meaningful easy to follow services, experience the High Holidays like never before. Whether you've been going to Synagogue since childhood or this is your first time, you will feel right at home.

Schedule of Services:

Rosh Hashana, September 10 & 11- 10:00am, Shofar at 11:45am

Yom Kippur, September 18, Kol Nidrei 6:15pm

September 19, 10:00am, Yizkor 12:00pm, Mincha and Neila at 4:45pm