Monday Night's at COB is 
Kolel Erev for men and boys


Each Monday night, a group of men and boys come to COB for Torah Study, Prayer Minyan and delicious dinner.

3 simultaneous classes take place for all participants to choose from: 1) Parsha Insights 2) Talmud and 3) Pick a topic

Our dear friend Dr. David Dana Z"L was a founder of this program and looked froward to participating whenever he was available.  He organized a "round robin" in the "Kolel" for sponsors of dinner and was the first to sponsor on behalf of his family.

We have, therefore, dedicated the entire program in his memory.  From now till the revelation of Moshiach and beyond it will be the:

Dovid ben Moshe Chaim Z"L
Kolel Erev at Chabad of Brentwood.

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dedicate a Monday night, please
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May his memory and smile bring Bracha to his family, all of us and Klal Yisroel. And may the Zechut of our learning bring us the complete Geulah with Techiat Hamaytim
when we will celebrate with Reb Dovid, Neshama Beguf gashmi