Full Schedule for the David Nesenoff Shabbaton:

Friday, Nov. 7 4:30 PM, Women's Shabbat Candle Lighting Farbrengen and Meditation led by Rebitzin Channa Hecht, tich'

Men's Mincha Minyan

5:15 PM: "Does Hashem Reveal Himself to me?", A short intro to this Shabbat, led by Rabbi Baruch Y. Hecht

5:30 PM: Kabalat Shabbat and Maariv. Spirited singing and dancing, led by our Chazzan and choir.

6:15 PM: Kiddush, Hamotzi and first course.

6:45 PM: Shabbat Songs and Lechaim!

7:00 PM: Buffet opened for second course.

7:15 PM: "How Helen Thomas brought me  closer to Judaism" by Dr. David Nesenoff

7:45 PM Birchat Hamazon

8:00 PM Dessert Buffet, Farbrengen, and Kumzitz

Shabbat Morning, Nov. 8th

8:30 AM, Breakfast, Tanya and Prayer preparation

10:00 AM Shacharit

11:30 AM "Self Sacrifice in a Free World", Rabbi Baruch Y. Hecht

12:30 PM Mincha

1:00 PM Kiddush and Seudat Shabbat

1:20 PM "From Chopped lIver to Liverpool: How an 'outsider' became a Chabadnik" by Dr. David Nesenoff

Classes, Chavrusas and Farbrengens will continue throughout the day with our various staff.

5:30 PM Maariv and Havdala