Chabad Jewish Center of Brentwood
A 21st Century Odyssey 

Chabad Jewish Center of Brentwood was founded nearly 25 years ago. At the time, we set out,  as Shluchim of The Rebbe and the blessings of Hashem, to establish a Jewish community which would provide all the necessary institutions and programs that make a “community”.

Still, it was obvious from the start, that Brentwood possesses a unique “personality”. As a result what would be built, must be tailor made for Brentwood. Over the years, we have been blessed to establish the Gan Chaya Early Childhood Center, Parenting Classes , the Chabad Hebrew School/Talmud Torah, The Holiday Library Club, Bar and Bat Mitvah Clubs, C-Teen Programs, Camp Gan Israel Winter and Summer Camps, Jewish Womens' Circle,  Adult Education, Community Wide Holiday Celebrations, our Family Shul/Synagouge with complete daily services,  and a myriad of other programs for people of all ages, backgrounds and affiliations. And all with a unique, warm and welcoming “flavor” that says “Brentwood”.

Today, as a result of the growth in Jewish awareness and observance in our community, we have a Kosher Super Market, Restaurant, and Bakery along with expanded Kosher sections in all the markets in the area. We are proud of the continued growth in Shabbat and Holiday Observance, Mezuzot, Torah Study and Education for all, awareness and identification with Torah, the Land of Israel, and the Jewish People throughout the globe.

And now, with the guidance of the Rebbe, and blessings of Hashem, a Mikvah- the Pride of Brentwood.